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Team Members

Team Members
  • Image of Joel Ospovat

    Joel Ospovat


    Mr. Ospovat provides the vision that drives Sandalwood. He loves the commercial real estate market and has a knack for leveraging its global shifts. Known for his dynamism, skill and extensive experience, he has repeatedly negotiated transaction...
  • Brian Flaherty


    Mr. Flaherty is President of Sandalwood USA and involved in overseeing all facets of property operations and business development. He brings more than 30 years of experience in the affordable and conventional multifamily industry. Mr. Flaherty i ...
    Image of Brian Flaherty
  • Image of Thomas Crowson

    Thomas Crowson


    Mr. Crowson brings expertise in investment strategy and operational direction, maximizing long-term growth in cash flow, equity and assets for Sandalwood and its investment partners. As the consummate financial analyst, Mr. Crowson thinks ou...
  • Debra Schneider

    Chief Operating Officer

    Ms. Schneider is involved in Sandalwood’s international strategic planning and operations on both the commercial and residential sides of the business. She oversees leasing, operations and management of the company's 3.8 million square feet of 2 ...
    Image of Debra Schneider
  • Image of Brendan Flaherty

    Brendan Flaherty

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Flaherty is the CFO of Sandalwood USA and supervises financial reporting. As CFO, he works to streamline internal processes, assist in budgeting and underwriting, and improve data available to decision makers (both operational and financial)...
  • Bryan Schneider

    Director of Business Development

    Mr. Schneider oversees new property and third-party management acquisition and is responsible for portfolio oversight of Sandalwood Management USA. He facilitates all property takeovers, liaising internally with regional/onsite property managers ...
    Image of Bryan Schneider
  • Image of Colin Hodges

    Colin Hodges

    Director of Commercial Leasing

    Mr. Hodges is the Director of Commercial Leasing for Sandalwood USA and boasts 30+ years’ experience in the industry. His long-standing relationships with Austin’s most respected and experienced commercial brokers has led to finding tenants idea...
  • Kim Jackson

    Senior Vice President of Operations

    Ms. Jackson is an expert motivator. As Senior Vice President of U.S. Residential Operations, her strong but compassionate leadership, borne from more than 20 years managing multifamily properties across eight states for Sandalwood, brings out th ...
    Image of Kim Jackson
  • Image of Nick Forte

    Nick Forte

    Senior Vice President of Operations

    Mr. Forte is Senior Vice President of Sandalwood USA who continuously strives for a positive resident experience while achieving his client’s business model objectives. Beginning his property management career with Greystar in 2009, Mr. Forte ha...
  • Kate Thomas

    Vice President of Commercial Brokerage

    Ms. Thomas is Vice President of Commercial Brokerage for Sandalwood Management and is responsible for commercial leasing of Sandalwood managed retail properties in Houston and the Chicago area as well as asset management of properties in both th ...
    Image of Kate Thomas
  • Image of Chari Koester

    Chari Koester

    Director of Commercial Properties

    Ms. Koester is the Director of Commercial Properties and oversees operations and day-to-day management of almost 600,000 square feet of commercial real estate for 15 different property owners, including 17 office properties, two retail centers, ...
  • Sterling Shorb

    Director of Residential Operations

    Mr. Shorb is the Director of Residential Operations and is a solution finder who revels in any challenge. He’s known for ensuring residents are well cared for by empowered community managers, creative cost reduction plans and an ability to nego ...
    Image of Sterling Shorb